19 May '10 LoopFools

The On Axis dev team are joining forces with the LoopFools Crew in the making of their new Stepseq Pro, an innovative iPhone loop mashup tool.

Stay tuned for future developments...


Streetlab Colab

22 Apr '10 Streetlab Colab

The nice people over at Streetlab (http://www.streetlab.nu) has asked us to do something for their up-coming deck collection. Honored and proud, we are putting together a line of boards that hopfully will be hitting the streets in a not too far distant future.

More on this as it develops …


Stanza Maze

18 Feb '10 Stanza Maze

Shit is going down!

Stanza Maze new album is at the mastering dungeon.
More info soon..

11 Feb '10 Hello!

Welcome to on-axis.com new website! We aim to provide a fresh take on the various projects from our crew of creative individuals.

The content is under constant growth and this is still a Beta Version!

► Finally you can do a label search on Spotify (many more to come)

Feel free to check out our projects, and rest assured that On Axis fam will be a force to be reckoned within the near future..
A number of albums and other funky projects will be released this winter!


09 Jan '10 onaxism

Onaxism is the things ending up around the regular tings..
More coming soon!



nothing can surely be better and start the decade with a mixtape, it is time to pick up b-sides and other forgotten works..
A decade adventure mixtape in the making!

Stay tuned!

14 Nov '09 Fubbik droppar video!

Låten Pajas från Fubbiks nya EP Gro
Video av Mortsoo M.Avasoo.

03 Sep '09 Transition tycker till ...

Tidningen Transition kommenterar Bad Whether protest.

01 Sep '09 Bad Weather We do Protest

An project directed by photographer Vincent Skoglund for Protest & Kesselskramer in Amsterdam. Efrik made the sound & music.
Shot & edited by Pierre Wikberg, text Nicke Berg and Words by Bert Deivert.

Fubbik spelar på Malmöfestivalen

19 Aug '09 Fubbik spelar på Malmöfestivalen

Fubbik & Peppar spelar några färska tracks i poesitältet på Malmöfestivalen kl. 22:30.

Fubbik reppar Zika - Galleri Seved

11 Aug '09 Fubbik reppar Zika - Galleri Seved

Fubbik live på Galleri Seved! En utställning till minnet för Alexander Zika...

05 Aug '09 Got Methods - Efrik & The Hassle

Efrik teams up with Dalarnas finest rappers The Hassle with a nice track in a Tribe Called Quest maner..

The Hassle

Stanza Maze - music video, Download This!

15 Jul '09 Stanza Maze - music video, Download This!

Download this - Stanza Maze - Musikvideoinspelning.
16e - 18e Juli.

Stanza Maze består av Séamus, Butternut Squash och Floss Dworkin.

Som jobbar för närvarande på en EP som ska släppas framöver. Låten som videon ska produceras till heter Download this, och kan ses som en kommentar till vad som händer i dagens kommunikationssamhälle, främst ur ett musikaliskt och upphovsrättsligt perspektiv.

Regi av Pelle Jofjell.

Get involved biatch!

Efrik makes film music for DC Shoes

02 Jun '09 Efrik makes film music for DC Shoes

Efrik makes beats for DC Shoes new snowboard film..
Check it out!

Henry Bowers

01 Jun '09 Henry Bowers

Efrik & Séamus are both representing with beats & rap on Henry Bowers critically acclaimed new album!
Get it at itunes, spotify or at http://henrybowers.com/


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