PBEL - Intermezzo-4.1

19 Nov '10 PBEL - Intermezzo-4.1

PBEL's Intermezzo-4.1 EP released 2006 is now avaiable in all major digital stores, such as Spotify, iTunes and so on ...
From scratch to ready master in 24hr's, BOOOM!

Album number 2 has been sleeping for a while but now is in the making, probably spring 2011. Stay tuned for more info!

Feel free to listen,

Skuggan av Svampen upp i det digitala ...

09 Nov '10 Skuggan av Svampen upp i det digitala ...

Örebros stolthet - Skuggan Av Svampen finns nu ute med sin senaste platta (anno 2006) i de digitala nejderna ...
Ryktet går - att det är nya saker i görningen, stay tuned!

Lyssna in Skuggan Av Svampens - Sveriges Hoppsan på;

Eller varför inte köpa den hos iTunes, etc.

Stanza Maze - Download This on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

27 Oct '10 Stanza Maze - Download This on Spotify, iTunes, etc.

Feel free to listen at Stanza Maze new album on spotify!

Album is featuring people like:
Sam, Safe1978, Dynamo 414, Henry Bowers, Mbangini, Prop Dylan, Jackie Wonderful, Lifeshows, Simon Diamant, The Hassle, Menteroja, Daze and Prosperous!!!

Studiokanin - Var är Studiokanin EP

19 Oct '10 Studiokanin - Var är Studiokanin EP

Lost n found, en återfunnen klenod signerad Studiokanin med Fubbik & Peppar bara att åtnjuta.

Lyssna här!

10 Oct '10 Yo Internet! On Axis Recordings at Spotify, iTunes, etc.

On Axis Recodings are now slowly available in all major digital MP3 stores!

Do a label search at Spotify, give us a like and check it out ...

Kingsize & Whoa

02 Oct '10 Kingsize & Whoa

Skandinaviens största hiphop tidning samt Sveriges ledande hiphop-forum uppmärksammar Stanza Maze's nya album Download This.




Stanza Maze EP & Video Release, at The Pirate Bay...

24 Sep '10 Stanza Maze EP & Video Release, at The Pirate Bay...

Stanza Maze - Download This!

EP and Video will be released this weekend, here and via
The Pirate Bay
(approximately 19:00 to sunday, 23:30) (24-26 SEP)

Album featuring: Sam, Safe1978, Dynamo 414, Henry Bowers, Mbangini, Prop Dylan, Jackie Wonderful, Lifeshows, Simon Diamant, The Hassle, Menteroja, Daze and Prosperous.

A contribution to the debate.
In memory of Alexander "Vandalex" Zika 1982 - 2009

In the making

18 Sep '10 In the making

We are currently doing some different clothing collections,
Stay tuned for more info soon!

Affictionados on Spotify

25 Aug '10 Affictionados on Spotify

Affictionados drops his self titled album on Spotify, iTunes etc. and Séamus is featured on track number 2, Get Ahead.

Feel free,

Streetlab Release

17 Aug '10 Streetlab Release

Our fresh new Board Design has landed in Malmö finest store, Streetlab!
Feel free to check http://www.streetlab.nu or visit Fersensväg 14.


28 Jul '10 Festivalex

En liten, intim festival till minne av Alexander Zika. Vi träffas och förlustar oss, lyssnar på en massa bra livemusik och har det trevligt, mitt i den Skånska myllan. Festivalen går av stapeln Lördag den 31 Juli. Men ni är varmt välkomna att komma och slå upp era tält och hänga ut redan på fredagen.

Stanza Maze/Skuggan Av Svampen (Hip Hop, Örebro)
Sam (Elektro/Hip Hop, Malmö)
Progress (Hip Hop, Malmö)
Bert Deivert (Deltablues, USA)
Distant Treelines (Progressiv Rock, Örebro)
Minneslunden (Singer-Songwriter/Psyk, Uppsala)
Vidar (Indiepop, Karlstad)

8mm Short Film Music

10 Jul '10 8mm Short Film Music

Efrik is making twisted music and sound design for the super-8 movie "Vit", the first part of a triologi, from Ola Hansson. The story deals with anxiety from artistic dreamy perspectives..

Stay tuned for more info!

Roskilde Festival 2010

05 Jul '10 Roskilde Festival 2010

Sam had the fortune to DJ at this years edition of the Roskilde Festival. Outside of getting to show case some, soon to be released On Axis material. He got to enjoy awsome weather, old and new friends and some great acts!


Theater Music - Teater Mutation

06 Jun '10 Theater Music - Teater Mutation

Efrik is producing the music for Teater Mutation..

Theatre mutation is an ensemble that has an urgent need for new types of drama. They want to challenge traditional story telling and break the current hierarchical pattern between drama and acting. Their work is based on a gender aware perspective. They want to present current stories with challenging and norm-breaking women's portraits. They want to surprise their audience and give them something fresh that they not are used to receiving on the Swedish theater scene. They call for reflection, discussion and action.

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