Progress Evolution debut album - Dynamics

Progress Evolution debut album - Dynamics

We are proud to announce Dynamics!

Progress Evolution's debut album. Sixteen tracks strong with a lot of that late golden era vibe shining through. Most of the tracks are produced by Nag Champa. Joakim L and Efrik is also featuring with music productions and Efrik acted as co-producer for the album. Mixed and mastered by DJ Lo-kut at the Monolith. Artwork by Efrik at Obstruct Alley.

The story goes something like this: During a freestyle session at Fubbik's house in Möllevången, Malmö, Sweden, with him and Efrik spinning the beats, they first met Progress Evolution through a bunch of rappers. This was sometime during the first half of the '00. He was already then a confident and hungry MC who would be one of the last ones Blessing the mic that night.

Progress has since then grown into a experienced and well traveled MC who has during the past years made big progress in his studio work, which has resulted in participation in some 20 releases as well as membership in Zulu Nation. He has worked with MC´s J-Ro, Maylay Sparks, Donald D, Chukk Rukkuz and Antone Mecca to name a few.

So roughly 10 years after the hookup with On Axis we now release Progress Evolution debut album!




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